In regard to guest Blogging Network – How come Portuguese people cant speak Portuguese properly?

  1. Brazilian Portuguese is considered pure Portuguese, but Brazil came from Portugal and so did the language, so how when Portuguese people speak Portuguese (excuse my language) that sh*t sounds atrocious. It’s worst then the Portuguese spoken in Angola and Mozambique. Why do they speak that sort of Portuguese, I don’t know if it’s a accent or dialect but for some one who speaks the language fluently I have to process what they say in my brain. Why do they speak Portuguese so “bad”?

    Answer by Cora
    Americans can’t even speak English properly. So much in common.

  2. I am writing an essay and i need three main topics on why the southern states shouldn’t have seceded. Then i need to talk about all three in body paragraphs. But i cant think of the three main reasons. can anyone help?

    Answer by jaker
    Think of some of the bad things that happened as a result of the war.

  3. I am trying to video chat from Fb to others not using a mac and it’s not working they see i can’t see them?

    Answer by Richard
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